ShareSync Backup & Sharing

Improve Collaboration and Boost Mobility.

Standard features include:

  • Keep your files synchronized across multiple computers
  • Improve your collaboration and boost your mobility with ShareSync in an easy‐to‐use, business-grade file sync and share service
  • ShareSync file sync and share service enables intuitive collaboration and mobility while keeping company data secure and protected. ShareSync keeps files and folders in sync across every device—and makes it simple to share those files inside and outside of the company
  • Keep files and folders in sync across every device with apps for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and the web
  • Share folders directly from your corporate address book with comprehensive and easily‐changed permissions
  • Share files with any recipient via web‐link, even if they don’t have ShareSync installed
  • Share directly from Outlook and Office with easy‐to‐enable Windows plugins
    Keep content secure and protected with at‐rest and in‐transit data protection full control over sharing permissions, and remote wipe of lost or stolen devices

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