Business Consulting

Work Smarter, Not Harder!

  • Business Technology Consulting and Business Building Techniques
  • Computer Hardware/Systems/Installation/Support – Computer Telephony Integration
  • Contact Management – Internet Services – Network Security and Management
  • Web Application Design/Hosting/Management

Voice and Data Convergence 

  • CTI – Computer Telephony Integration
  • VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol
  • Contact Management
  • Voice Lines, Long Distance and Data Circuits
  • Unified Messaging Solutions

Automating voice, data, email and faxes is not only one of our strengths.. it’s our future. We utilize technology with a variety of tools and techniques to maximize your performance and efficiency while keeping overhead cost to a minimum.  Connectivity solutions that keep your clients, your business and your world connected to you.

Data Systems Integration

  • Network Design
  • Hardware Integration
  • Data Management
  • Systems Maintenance
  • Systems Maintenance

Having proven knowledge to build and integrate network components and system hardware assures overall uptime. We can save your labor dollars and increase the ability to be more profitable in a more efficient manner. By outsourcing key components of data services, overall costs remain at a constant low.

Network Security Solutions – Wired/Wireless

  • Secure Perimeter With Remote Access
  • Secure Perimeter With Remote Access
  • Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Secure Multi-Campus Solutions
  • Anti Virus, Anti Spyware Gateway Protection

With our technology background, we provide appliance based gateway protection.  We give peace of mind by stopping threats prior to entry of the network.  A single management interface with real time monitoring provides robust reporting and simple administration.  Remote users are assured continued access via secure connections.

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