RSync Cloud Backup

Netcom Enterprises RSync Off Site Backup Solution r8.14a

What is RSync?

Netcom Rsync is a Windows Server based software application used to synchronize files and directories from one location to another while minimizing data transfer between each location.The data transfer is minimized using an algorithm that will transmit, roughly speaking, only the parts of the backup selection that have changed, right down to a bit level transfer. (This technology is also known as in-file delta incremental transfer.) Along with this minimized data transfer Rsync also compresses all data packets sent, further reducing transfer overheads. To do this bit level data transfer Rsync uses a checksum method. This method creates a short alphanumeric string based on the data it represents. Rsync firstly checks whether any data has changed by looking at file size and modification date. If no data has changed then Rsync will not transfer any unnecessary data, saving you time and bandwidth. If, however, the files do not match, then Rsync uses a checksum method called a ‘rolling checksum’ on the changed files to see where it has been altered or appended. It will then transfer only the altered or appended data within the file. With these two methods Rsync can cater for inserted or added data, removed data as well as shifted data, with a minimum transfer overhead.

In real terms, what this means is more efficient use of your bandwidth and data allowances. As Rsync will only transfer data that has changed and knows when file alterations or movements have occurred, your Internet based backups will take a lot less time when compared other methods.

The key benefits of Rsync:

  • Improves offsite backup speed through bandwidth optimization.
  • Reduced network data transfer by only transferring new data.
  • Open standard secure protocol – RSync over SSH for maximum security, compatibility and flexibility.
  • Rsync via a secure shell (SSH, port 22) means that all traffic over the internet is encrypted.
  • Scheduled automatic jobs. Detailed reporting via email.


  • Software, Installation and Configuration $399 (includes licensed backup assist software, installation, and rsync setup )
  • $100 for 500GB monthly
  • $150 for 1TB monthly
  • $200 for 2TB monthly

*Non-Profit discounts available.