Meet the Team

Jeff Gray
CEO Netcom Enterprises

My goal is to continue to grow my planted roots of the ever-changing strategic high level technical company that I founded in 1999. The hands on work ethic, management skills and sales experience that I possess will continue to capitalize on my network, hardware, and telecommunications skills. This, bundled with my exceptional people skills and relationship building experiences will continue to bring profitability to the corporation.  Clustering my true honesty, integrity and workaholic attitude with my business development, marketing, analytical and leadership skills will prove that the American dream of a successful small business is achievable – All of which could not be done with the trust of my loyal employees.

Veronica Belshaw

Aloha, e komo mai – my name is Veronica Belshaw and I have one thing to say to you: If your website doesn’t have a strategy, it doesn’t stand a chance. You need more than just a beautiful website, it needs to generate you hot, ready-to-buy leads! Ask me about executing first-class strategies that will get your online presence generating awesome results.

Let’s talk about achieving a world-class web presence and getting a return of investment with your online marketing efforts!

Tymalaya Shuell
Director of Sales

True connector. I am passionate about becoming a visionary partner to my clients and providing them with a myriad of technology solutions that meet their key business drivers for today and the future. Key initiatives such as:

– Building Business Efficiency
– Reducing Total Cost of Ownership
– Increasing Productivity
– Increasing Revenue


For the last 20 years I have supported the technology industry. I started in the industry implementing software to support the telecommunications infrastructure and customer data, then service delivery and eventually a central office technician installing the services internally and at the end user site.  With a passion to help people and encouragement of mentors I took a leap and started a career in sales.

I am prideful of my business acumen, continued education, dedicated customer support, positive attitude, and love to help people. I care about helping my customer find the right solution, even when it is not mine.

Now that I am a dedicated technology consultant, I am empowered to provide unmatched technical expertise in advanced communications. I connect with some of the area’s esteemed executives, creating mutual beneficial, long-term relationships.


Ferlin Slabaugh-Kauhane
Construction Services

Ferlin Slabaugh-Kauhane is happy to have recently joined the Netcom team, bringing with him thirty years of customer service. Having spent just as many years homesteading and developing a small farm, he is an expert at improvising and finding a way to get the job done even under difficult or unusual circumstances. This skill set enables him to be effective and efficient installing the infrastructure for your data network system.

Travis Griggs
Tech Services

A driven, ambitious, dedicated, and always learning technology professional with over 15 years of experience working in customer-facing environments ranging in size from 5 to thousands of employees…

While my familiarity with technology covers a wide categorical variety, I am most familiar with, and passionate about, making the user experience as simple as possible. I aim to provide secure solutions that outperform the average deployment. To truly understand technology, I believe you have to understand how it works; not just in the functional sense, but deep into its core. After all, how can you expect to fix a problem if you do not understand why it’s happening in the first place?

I have endeavored in my career to not being satisfied simply with how systems should be configured but also, and more importantly, why they should be configured that way.  Additionally, my experience in the installation of the physical infrastructure upon which these systems reside, give me a leg up over many of my peers.

Through complementary education and experience, I have captured a better understanding of what software is doing on an execution level, which has served me well in troubleshooting. This marriage of education and experience has also provided me with the right tools needed to provide simple solutions to complex procedures.

David Seber
Tech Services

I bring experience and professionalism to your IT department. I have a knack for finding creative solutions to problems and getting things running smoothly. I can make your computers work for you instead of the other way around.


Jim Aldridge
Construction Services

72-75 Army “Wireman”

76-99 Cable TV Industry (entry level to middle management)

00-06 Fiber, Copper, & Coax Cabling construction

07-11 Satellite TV installation

11-15 Telecommunications wiring

Devon Cochenour
Technology Consultant

Devon Cochenour has been in technology for a long time as a developer, a business owner and has held multiple hats from small to very large companies.

I started working with many companies including Microsoft as a consultant, Washington Publishing Company in Rockville, MD for two years where he held a position as Director of Services and as the president of CCI Tec delivering custom software solutions.

Throughout his career Devon has achieved MCSD, MCT and is a certified MSF Master Trainer. Devon brings with him over 20 years of experience in the consulting world, offering a wide variety of services and expertise in training, mentoring and consulting. The basis of his history is his depth of knowledge, his passion for consulting and critical honesty for a project.

Devon’s love of technology runs very deep from his passion for automation and integration to having a fully wired house to let him test and bring out all the latest tools and tech.