Netcom Cloud Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2016 Essential

Email and Collaboration Made Simple for Your Growing Business.

Real Time Cloud Synchronization With Unlimited Storage, Robust Filtering and Compliant Arching To Securely Protect Your Data.

We’ve worked hard to bring you a hosted Microsoft Exchange 2016 email suite that offers robust reliability, uncompromising security and the mobile flexibility for today’s evolving business environment. We’ve taken care of the hardware, maintenance and licensing fees, and provided you with a platform that is compatible with the most recent Microsoft Outlook email clients and available anytime, from any location.

We offer a robust Exchange 2016 plans that fits your unique business needs at their present state, and as they evolve. Our Exchange 2016 platform is designed to maximize your business productivity.

Microsoft Exchange is the messaging software preferred by most fortune 500 corporations, and our Exchange 2016 essential platform is your cost effective means of accessing this powerful email and collaboration tool. We offer a 100% Uptime Service Level Agreement with our Exchange 2016 Enterprise platform as well as industry leading message security and data protection. Software updates and maintenance are handled on our end ensuring that your business has the most up-to-date and streamlined Exchange 2016 Enterprise platform with every login.

  • Securely access email remotely—via the Web or a mobile device
  • View your colleagues’ up-to-date calendars and schedule meetings
  • Assign and manage company-wide tasks on central ‘to do’ lists
  • Manage contact information of your employees and customers with 24×7 access
  • Share documents across your team so everyone is on the same page and up-to-date

Standard features include:

  • Initial Setup
  • UNLIMITED storage per mailbox
  • Compliant Message Archiving/Retention – UNLIMITED Storage
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • AES – Advanced Email Security for Anti-Spam/Anti Virus
  • Distribution Lists (1000 included)
  • Resource Mailboxes (1 included)
  • Public Folders
  • Mobility: ActiveSync
  • Mobility: Remote Device Mgmt.
  • Current Microsoft Outlook Software for PC or MAC
  • Multiple Domain Capability
  • Directory Link

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Microsoft Exchange 2016 and Compliant Archiving with Unlimited Storage


Preserve. Protect. Recover.

Email Archiving helps keep your email securely archived and easily accessible. Its preservation, protection and restoration features help you safeguard intellectual property, facilitate compliance, and speed eDiscovery.


Why do you need Email Archiving?

  • Safeguard intellectual property

Ensure your company’s critical information is preserved and retrievable within seconds.

  • Speed eDiscovery

Over 90% of all businesses will be involved in litigation, and non-archived emails are often inadmissible as evidence.

  • Assure compliance

If you’re regulated by PCI, SEC, GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH, SOX or other agencies and guidelines, you need email archiving.

Capture messages

  • Data capture of emails and attachments
  • Includes full indexing and extraction of more than 400 different file types
  • Stored data is replicated to geographically dispersed datacenters in real-time
  • Capture emails and attachments that are sent and received on virtually any device, including smartphones and tablets
  • Capture emails sent and received through Exchange, IMAP or POP email platforms

Rely on our infrastructure

  • Stored data is auditable
  • Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest
  • Archived data is housed in geographically disparate datacenters (separate from our Exchange datacenters)
  • Our datacenters are SSAE 16 audited, ISO 27001 and PCI compliant, and FISMA Moderate certified

Help reduce on-premise storage costs

  • Offload message storage from your corporate servers to Netcom Enterprises cloud
  • Unlimited storage growth automatically matches your mailbox/data growth with no investment or installation on your part
  • Give every mailbox unlimited archive storage for a small monthly fee
  • Simplify restoration options in the event of an on-premise failure
  • Add as many mailboxes as you need—you won’t outgrow Email Archiving

Easy, flexible searching

  • Three different search methods (simple, wizard, advanced)
  • Search using filters, wildcards, advanced Boolean, fuzzy logic and/or proximity logic operators
  • Search full text of all email and attachments
  • Tagging capabilities let you identify content accurately and quickly
  • Add notes to connect results to specific investigations
  • Implement a “legal hold” to identify, segregate and preserve relevant data found during an eDiscovery operation

Robust recovery options

  • All user data is stored in a central repository to allow admins to perform a single search across every mailbox in your account
  • Recover messages back to administrator’s mailbox
  • Categorize results before exporting them
  • Export options include PST, SF, EML, HTML, PDF and other formats

Email compliance requirements and regulations

The rules for email are clear: FRCP, SOX, HIPAA, FINRA, GLB, NYSE, NASD, and SEC regulations all require nearly every company to maintain a complete and easily accessible archive.

While there are over 1,000 different federal, state and local regulations, an organization is typically required to store their email in tamperproof, redundant and easily accessible archives for 3-7 years. Failure to comply can lead to costly fines and penalties.

Specific compliance requirements

Below are some of the specific regulations that may apply to your business.

  • FINRA. FINRA pertains primarily to financial services. Under these rules, correspondence of emails to the public pertaining to the firm’s business—whether it is generated from the home, office or elsewhere—is subject to provision.
  • SEC. Mainly parallel to FINRA rules and pertaining to financial services, SEC rules require specific requirements for broker dealers. SEC Rule 17a-4 requires brokers and dealers to preserve their email for at least six years.
  • FRCP. The 2006 Federal Rules of Civil Procedure require all organizations, large or small, to maintain complete archives with ESI that is readily accessible in the event of litigation.
  • HIPAA.All healthcare organizations must take steps to simplify and standardize electronic data exchange, and protect the confidentiality and security of all electronic health data managed by the organization.
    • HIPAA requires healthcare companies to preserve email messages and attachments containing patient health status, medical care, treatments, etc.
    • Each instance of HIPAA email compliance failure is punishable up to seven-figure fines, criminal charges and even jail time.
  • SOX. All public companies are required to show governance and security controls for financial information. All information transmitted via email; revenue sheets, finance updates, and even internal notes, must be protected in a compliant manner. If a company fails to meet SOX requirements, heavy fines are imposed.

Netcom Enterprises Microsoft Exchange 2013 with Archiving keeps you Compliant

Netcom Enterprises Email Archiving automatically captures 100% of your inbound and outbound emails for preservation, protection and recovery. It assures compliance with the above regulations. It also eases eDiscovery by making it easy to perform comprehensive search requests for audits, litigation, or internal queries.