Email Archiving Executive Summary

In today’s complex business, legal and regulatory environments, basic email archiving functionality is not enough and may end up costing an organization more than expected.

Office 365, POP/IMAP Mail, and Free/Generic Email does include several built-in general-purpose email archiving capabilities and some basic functionality, such as simple eDiscovery and high-level retention capabilities for regulatory compliance. However, for many, these simple capabilities may not be enough. For example, the search capability built into email presents several important limitations that many will find difficult to accept, especially for those trying to respond to discovery requests.

Key Takeaways

  • The legal, regulatory and business requirements for email archiving continue to grow and are becoming more complex.
  • The risks and costs associated with inadequate email archiving capability continue to rise.
  • In today’s legal and regulatory environments, a powerful and comprehensive search capability is a must. Known email search limitations pose additional risks and costs not found with more powerful third-party archiving solutions.
  • Many standard email archiving solutions only provide limited basic archiving capabilities, but do not meet the additional eDiscovery and regulatory requirements with which many organizations are faced.
  • Netcom Enterprises email archiving solutions were designed around solutions to meet the most stringent and complex email archiving requirements.

Where Most Email Still Falls Short
See the specific limitations and their potential business implications:

  • General Usability Issues
  • Storage Management
  • Lack of Granularity in Retention / Disposition
  • Archive Mailbox Issues
  • Defensible Disposition
  • Productivity/Search
  • eDiscovery
  • eDiscovery Search and Indexing
  • Protection of Archived Content
  • Longevity of Archived Email


Netcom Enterprises Cloud Email Solutions with Archiving Addresses All Of Today’s Business Email Needs In A Simple Cost Effective Platform

by Netcom Enterprises