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• Keep your files synchronized across multiple computers
• Improve your collaboration and boost your mobility with ShareSync in an easy‐to‐use, businessgrade file sync and share service
• ShareSync file sync and share service enables intuitive collaboration and mobility while keeping company data secure and protected. ShareSync keeps files and folders in sync across every device—and makes it simple to share those files inside and outside of the company
• Keep files and folders in sync across every device with apps for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and the web
• Share folders directly from your corporate address book with comprehensive and easily‐changed permissions
• Share files with any recipient via web‐link, even if they don’t have ShareSync installed
• Share directly from Outlook and Office with easy‐to‐enable Windows plugins


Keep content secure and protected with at‐rest and in‐transit data protection full control over sharing permissions, and remote wipe of lost or stolen devices

5 Reasons Why IT Outsourcing and Cloud Services Works Best for Business

IT outsourcing – Security. Support. Expertise. Strategy.

Information Technology (IT) is a major support function for any business. Companies that invest in outsourced IT
services achieve significant benefits that help them operate more efficiently and effectively.

1. Reduced Spending with IT Outsourcing, Colocation and Cloud Storage
The main driver of IT outsourcing for many companies is reduced spending. It doesn’t take much to realize these
savings. Both capital and operating expenses can be reduced. You do not need to purchase computer hardware
and dedicate expensive square footage to develop a data center. You do not have the expenses of hiring
employees to perform IT functions such as application development to hardware installations to end user support
can be outsourced. Along with reduced payroll comes reduced expenses for training and benefits. Outsourcing
also makes costs predictable, with contracts specifying fixed monthly charges.

2. Increased Focus on Core Business
For most companies, IT is a support function, not a core competency. Outsourced IT services offer 24/7 support
and guaranteed service level agreements that go beyond what your internal operations team could provide,
letting you get more work done with fewer operational issues.

3. Access to Experts and the Latest Technology

Because IT is the vendor’s core competency, they make sure their employees are trained and certified in the
technologies they support. The IT services vendor has a team of experts in multiple IT technologies; you can
draw on the vendor’s team for advice that helps you make the right technology decisions. You get access to the
latest technology and support from a team that is expert in deploying it effectively. The IT provider will make
sure systems are patched and upgraded on an appropriate schedule.

4. Reduced Risk and Increased Flexibility

Technology is expensive, and making wrong decisions is costly. An IT services provider has a solid base of
experience that assists with making the right technical decisions. Outsourced IT services reduce the risk of data
loss. IT outsourcing providers ensure that data centers have appropriate defenses, such as firewalls and security
information and event monitoring software. IT services also reduces the risk of disruption from downtime.
Vendors build resilient facilities with redundant devices, minimizing the risk of downtime with robust backup and
recovery procedures reducing the all risks in the event of a device failure. IT services provider can rapidly bring
additional services and storage online.

5. Increased Employee Morale

Poorly implemented outsourcing can lead to unhappy employees who worry about the security of their own jobs,
but handled properly, outsourcing can actually increase your employees’ morale. Offloading IT work lets your
employees focus on the jobs they were hired to do and not venture into tasks they are not an expert at, thus
they become more satisfied with their work and less likely to burn out and leave.
Managed properly, working with outsourced IT services frees a business to focus on
developing itself. Always get
local references and be sure to perform the due diligence of follow up. Always be sure to have scheduled “state
of the union” meetings to keep all aspects of your agreement on track with reports and forecasts.

Netcom Enterprises is a premier outsourcing partner for small to medium business.

Turnkey Network Solutions with LTE Failover


When the health of the network is on the line, the last thing any business needs is a complicated solution.

With a turnkey wireless solution for failover and Out-of-Band Management, your organization has total uptime.
Are you ready for the next generation of business continuity for forward-thinking voice and data solutions?

Netcom Enterprises has the total solution.  Contact us at

Netcom is migrating to Proofpoint Essentials Business

As Intel Security exits the email security market, small and medium businesses find themselves in need of a state-of-the-art alternative. Proofpoint Essentials delivers an immediate and seamless transition to better email security. McAfee Email Security customers affected by the end-of-life of their email security solution can upgrade to Proofpoint Essentials today.

Delivered through 4 tailored packages, Proofpoint Essentials protects enterprises from email threats including phishing, malware, spam, and other forms of objectionable or dangerous content with an email security solution designed for SMEs. This cloud based enterprise-class Email Security, Continuity, Encryption & Archiving product is backed by Proofpoint’s best-of-breed security & infrastructure and provided at a price that delivers value and cost-savings.

Proof Point Essentials


Download the specification sheet for better viewing

Use these Content Types to Drive More Business to Your Website

With seventy percent of business-to-business (B2B) marketers creating more content than they did one year ago, brands on both sides of the B2B and business-to-consumer (B2C) fence are exploring ways they can improve the content they develop to ultimately influence their audiences. 

Popular content types include social media, eNewsletters, blogs, infographics and more. According to 2015 data from the Content Marketing Institute, social is the top B2C content marketing tactic used, followed by eNewsletters. The same report details what survey respondents believe are the most effective tactics (see image).

content typesPerhaps you need help marketing your brand?  This is where Netcom can help you put together an effective strategy for winning in the world of content.

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Netcom Enterprises is very invested in seeing you succeed at your business. We realize that when you start out, preservation of capital is key.  So very often, many business owners put off the creation of what could be one of their most valuable assets – their website.  We offer business consulting, and valuable web marketing advice.  Everything you need to activate your online marketing efforts.  Our packages are turnkey and offer the build, design, SEO, analytics, hosting, domain name registration, optional e-commerce, optional static IP,  plugins, custom work, design and development.  Everything needed to have a brand new website ready to go in thirty days.

We have designed three very affordable packages we think you will like.  Use these plans interchangeably to receive monthly design/development help ala carte or to finance the build of your web project.  Any unused hours will roll over into what is left of your contract plan.   Please feel free to call us at 808-938-8888 to get started!

Save a Bunch! Pick a Contract Design Plan

Use these 24-month contract plans to make incremental changes to your website without undergoing an entire rebuild or use these plans to finance your entire site build and preserve valuable capital.  These plans work with your budget and can be easily upgraded should the scope of your work increase beyond your budgeted hours.

  • 2 hours per month design time
  • $99
  • This is the perfect package for individuals who need some graphic design work or help with logos, plugin setup, branding, banner design, or content writing.
  • Unused hours in your contract can count towards your monthly design/branding/content writing allotment

  • Includes world-class hosting, domain name registration
  • *Plugins and SSL are additional
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  • 5 hours per month design time
  • $199
  • Maybe you don't want to pay huge bucks upfront for a website? Use this option to finance yourself into the website you really want. We work with your goals, and grow with your business.
  • Use this option to get an small e-commerce store (less than 50 products/20 pages of supplied content) built within 30 days

  • Unused hours in your contract can count towards your monthly design/branding/content writing allotment

  • Includes world-class hosting, domain name registration
  • *Plugins and SSL are additional
  • Buy Now

  • 10 hours per month design time
  • BEST DEAL! $299
  • Use this option to get an e-commerce store built within 30 days

  • Unused hours can count towards your monthly design/branding/content writing allotment

  • Includes hosting, static IP address
  • *Plugins and SSL are additional

  • Buy Now



*Monthly plans involve a 24 month commitment.  Clients who already have an existing contract plan, who in a given month use more than their allotted plan can purchase site maintenance time at $30 per additional hour or design time at $45 per additional hour.

**If you choose a package and later decide that you need a bigger package to meet your needs, you can upgrade at any time.

Which Real Estate IDX Solution Is Perfect For Me?

SEO, SEM, PPC, IDX… how many acronyms must you understand to be in real estate of all industries? All of ‘em, yes all of ‘em, if you want to effectively reach consumers where they now work, play and live — the world wide web.

The world of IDX can be confusing and the process of getting IDX up and running on your real estate website is one mountain of many in getting your business seen and loved by customers.  Don’t fret, though, being an informed consumer will put you in a position to make the right choice for your business. (And it will save you a whole lot of coin).

Here’s the deal: IDX is short for “Internet Data Exchange.” IDX makes it possible for you to deliver your web users access to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).  There are differing opinions as to whether this will have any true SEO value, but it’s considered absolutely standard for providing a good user experience. We’re selling houses after all, right?

If you’re anything like me and spend hours browsing WordPress themes, looking through hex color combinations or bugging your “beta testers” (sister, brother, friends) every time you change a pixel on your site, choosing and IDX provider can be headache-inducing. Having thoroughly researched, harassed and prodded every major provider, I thought I’d share 6 important questions you should the IDX providers you research (actually, one goes to your MLS board). Ben’s article references 4 solid factors to remember while you shop but I’ll take it a step further and suggest (neigh, insist!) that you ask the following when you make the choice about who’s right for you:

1.) May I have a demo, please?

You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive and you shouldn’t pick a provider without a thorough demo first. Demand a demo to try out a provider’s IDX integration on your WordPress site. Most of the big providers (e.g. Diverse Solutions, iHomefinder) offer easy access to a demo so you can play around with the functionality. You can download the plugin from their site or the plugin directory & sign up with the provider to get an activation key.

2.) Where can I find examples of integration on other sites?

Your IDX provider’s site should be rife with examples of other WordPress sites who have beautiful integration using their service. Be wary of the more niche providers who don’t have a lot of stellar examples of WordPressers wheeling and dealing with their IDX integration. I was pretty scrupulous in my search of great examples and found plenty of buggy things with certain provider examples which quickly made them a no go.

3.) What are your CSS customization options like?

Speaking of seamless integration, the ability to customize the CSS for your IDX plugin is (in my opinion), essential. You want an integration that feels like it’s native to your site and the ability to tweak CSS is something you absolutely need in order to achieve this. My current provider has a section for CSS overrides (in addition to some helpful tutorials as to how to do this with Firebug). Even if the IDX solution/plugin works with your current theme, you might want a different theme or framework in the future so keep you options open with flexible customization options. Especially if you aren’t a developer — this one’s essential.

4.) Where/How will I control my set up and settings?

Your chosen IDX provider should offer a control panel or back-end area from which to further customize your integration. Look for the ability to choose from different property search templates, property feature page and lead capture forms. Look for a provider that allows you to build totally custom property searches or galleries — you might want to feature homes by MLS number, niche communities, architectural style, etc. Helpful hint: ask if your provider will offer the option for your listed properties to appear first in search results on site… it’s a nice touch!

5.) Can I, uh, get some help here?

As I mentioned earlier, I probably drove some well-intentioned customer service reps a little crazy as I made my round of calls to prospective providers. But my take? If they weren’t patient enough with me when they were trying to snag me as a client, they wouldn’t be so patient or helpful when they already have me set up & locked in. Be picky about the level of customer service: browse support documentation to make sure its thorough and clear; test out their support email or hotline; research the provider online to see if current or past clients are happy with the level of customer service. Finding a provider that will put you first will save you a lot of trouble when you have a question or concern (and you will have them) and it will also save you the frustration of having to cancel and switch providers if their customer service isn’t eventually up to snuff.

6.) For your MLS board: What providers do you recommend?

Now here’s one I didn’t quite expect when I started on my IDX journey. Getting your MLS board to sign off on your site and sign off on your IDX provider isn’t a cake walk. You’ll have to fill out a pile of paperwork and prove to your board that your site is in line with their compliance standards. Again, this is why it’s so essential to work with a provider who has great follow-through and superb customer service. At the end of the day, an above board, reputable company who has a good reputation with your MLS board is the only way to ensure the IDX integration you’ll work hard to implement will be around for good.




Due credit given to Sarah Metzger writer of this article:

End-to-End Information Technology Solutions

Many of our customers count on us for complete, worry-free, end-to-end solutions. As trusted partners, we listen to our clients, and we quickly take the right steps to fulfil their technology needs based on their business layout.

We promise to provide the latest and most secure technologies while observing the highest standards of professional integrity at all times.

Contact Netcom Enterprises for all your technical solutions. We are authorized sellers of only major technology brands and we are a Dell Premier provider. We are here to help you.


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Why it’s a good idea to have an e-commerce website

Overcome geographic limitations and take your business to the internet!  One of the most tangible positives of e-commerce is the lowered cost.  Netcom Enterprises can build you an e-commerce website that organically assists with driving search engine traffic and identify some of the channels and techniques that will be cost-effective for growing your organization.

By having an e-commerce website you can save a LOT of money on personnel costs.  A well-formed e-commerce website will take care of the automation of checkout, billing, payments, inventory, and other operational processes thus lowering the number of employees required in your business setup.

We only use well-established e-commerce technologies and build by strict web standards.  The use of strict internet standards and proper architecture means that as your business grows and your e-commerce requirements expand; the changes required on your website will be mostly topical, not fundamental.  Yes, we only build websites that are responsive and mobile-friendly which means that your ecommerce store will allow customers to purchase from your store using any smartphone with an internet connection.  Your ecommerce store will be the perfect employee, working all hours of the day for you 24/7/365 – no questions asked.

We realize each business has its own unique needs and that a cookie-cutter e-commerce solution may not work for you. Contact us about your custom needs – we can help you with a technical and marketing solution.

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NPBX Netcom PBX – VoIP/SIP/Analog Hybrid Phone System r10.14

Netcom PBX – VoIP/SIP/Analog Hybrid Phone System r10.14

NPBX1 ENTERPRISE 1U Dell Hardware with 5 Year Next Business Day Warranty

Intel Xeon Multi Core Processor, 32GB RAM, Dual Gigabit LAN Ports

LSI Hardware RAID Controller Card with 2TB Enterprise RAID 1 Hot Swap SATA Drive Volume

Integrated Asterisk/Securus Telecom 64 Bit Enterprise PBX Software

Includes Secure Live Bare Metal Recovery and Secure Recovery USB/LAN/WAN Backup & Restore

Netcom NPBX1 Platform Has Unlimited Extensions and is Capable of 200 Simultaneous Calls


NPBX2 ENTERPRISE 1U Dell Hardware with 5 Year Next Business Day Warranty

Intel Xeon Multi Core Processor, 64GB RAM, Dual Gigabit LAN Ports

LSI Hardware RAID Controller Card with 2TB Enterprise RAID 1 Hot Swap SATA Drive Volume with Hot Spare

Integrated Asterisk/Securus Telecom 64 Bit Enterprise PBX Software

Includes Secure Live Bare Metal Recovery and Secure Recovery USB/LAN/WAN Backup & Restore

Netcom NPBX2 Platform Has Unlimited Extensions and is Capable of 400 Simultaneous Calls

Based on the Asterisk platform, Netcom PBX with integrated Securus Telecom software incorporates the following at no extra cost, including:

Feature Description
Analog Phone Support Supports integrated analog ports to connect standard analog telephones, fax machines or credit card machines.
Analog/Digital Ready Not ready to go 100% VoIP? Netcom PBX platform allows you to add options such as analog line modules or T1/E1 PRI or R2 protocol interface modules for additional connections to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).
ANI Routing Routes calls to certain departments or certain locations based on the incoming Caller ID or Automatic Number Identification.
Announcement Interface Create customized auto attendant announcements in two methods:
a) Upload .wav files
b) Record them through a telephone handset
Auto Provisioning Complete interoperability with phone manufacturers like Yealink, Asstra, Polycom, Linksys, Snom and others allow the Netcom PBX platform to automatically discover a phone on site. Input a few settings into your Netcom PBX, plug your phone into the network, and let the system do the work for you. Complete configuration files are downloaded to your phone saving both time and money.
Blacklists Create a list of persons or organizations that have incurred disapproval or suspicion and regulate the telephone system behavior accordingly. For example, the Caller ID of these persons or organizations can be programmed in the Netcom PBX platform so when they call they would hear a message that says: “The party you are trying to reach is not accepting calls at this time.”
Blind Transfer Transfer a call to another extension without the need to wait for the other person to pick up. This type of transfer will also send the CID of the outside caller to the extension where the call is transferred.
Call Detail Record (CDR) A log of all calls made including: source number; destination number; call duration, date and time. Full graphic reporting included as standard.
Call Forward on Busy Calls are automatically forwarded to another extension or phone number if the phone is busy.
Call Forward on No Answer Calls are automatically forwarded to another extension or phone number if not answered after a defined number of rings.
Call Monitoring Allows a supervisor to listen in on a phone conversation.
Call Parking Allows a call to be ‘parked’ on a virtual extension and then picked up by a third party by dialing to that extension.
Call Pickup Answer a phone that is ringing across the office by dialing a code such as 9* and the extension number.
Call Queuing Allows multiple calls to be placed in a queue and answered by the next available operator.
Call Recording (Extension) Set up recording of every call made or received on an extension-by-extension basis.
Call Recording (On-the-Fly Recording) Create a rule that dialing a particular sequence in the course of a call (such as *1) will result in the call being recorded.
Call Return Users can access their Call Detail Records through a Web-based User Interface. Missed calls can be viewed and returned directly from the interface, regardless of the IP telephone being used.
Call Screening Want to know who is calling you when a call is being transferred from the office to your cell phone? Enable Call Screening within your User Profile and the caller will be prompted to record their name and then the system will call you. When you answer, the system will speak the caller’s name and give you have the option of accepting or rejecting the call.
Call Whisper The Securus Telecom IP-PBX can whisper to the user taking the call who or where the call is coming from when they answer.
Caller ID Displays the caller’s phone number on the phone’s screen.
Caller ID Blocking Block a call based on the caller’s phone number.
Caller ID Customization Allows you to customize your outbound caller ID extension. Note: Some restrictions by carrier may apply.
Caller ID on Call Waiting See the phone number of a second caller while talking to the first caller.
Cell Phone Integration Find Me/Follow Me interface forwards calls to your cell phone and all the functions of the Securus Telecom PBX are available for you to use.
Conference Bridge Create a conference call between multiple parties at multiple locations using different phone types; e.g., connect a local extension, remote fixed line, mobile and VoIP connection – all in one conference.
Conference Rooms Bring your customers and employees together by sending an option from your auto attendant or pointing one of your inbound phone numbers to a conference bridge. You can have an unlimited number of callers dialed into the conference bridge from within your phone system. Your only limitation to external callers is based on the amount of phone lines you have set up and available in the phone system. Internal users or remote extensions can access the conference bridge without tying up any of your available phone lines.
Database Integration The Asterisk Programmable Interface is kept wide open for the IT staff to integrate the telephone system functions with their database for the purposes of screen pops and other functions.
Database Store/Retrieval Store call information in a database for later retrieval.
Dial by Name Directory Send callers to a dial-by-name directory where they can dial the first or last name to reach any extension in your phone system.
Direct Inward Dial Numbers (DIDs) Support for Direct Inward Dialing (phone numbers provided by your VoIP or E1/T1 provider) which allows each person in the company to have their own unique phone number that rings directly to their extension. A number may also be directly dialed to an extension group, auto attendant or custom routing rule. Take this integration a step further by adding a description to each DID that will be displayed as part of the inbound caller ID for users answering the phone.
Direct Inward System Access (DISA) The DISA feature can be activated to allow specific employees to dial a pre-configured phone number and provide a pass code. Once entered properly the person calling would have the ability of making an outside call.
DNIS Routing Route calls to certain departments or certain locations based on the number the caller dialed.
Do Not Disturb Incoming calls are automatically routed to voicemail, reception or an alternate extension.
E911 Special handling for Emergency Services Number, for example, the ability to place an emergency call when phone is locked, etc.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) / Auto Attendants An unlimited number of auto attendant messages and rules are easy to create and manage. An unlimited number of auto attendant messages and rules are easy to create and manage.
Echo Cancellation – OSLEC (Open Source Line Echo Cancellation) Integrated, field-tested software-based echo canceller.
Extensions (Unlimited) You can add an extension at any time, with no limits and no need to contact your telephone provider. There are no per user license fees to create an extension.
Extension Range Flexibility Configure extension numbers with between 2 and 10 digits.
Extension Groups (a.k.a. Ring Groups) Create and name an unlimited number of extension groups on-the-fly to ring in unison. Choose to ring that group as an option from an auto attendant or choose to have the group rung directly from inbound numbers. All extensions in the group will ring simultaneously while the caller hears either the standard ring tones or your ‘on-hold’ music. The first person to pick up will receive the call.
Fax Support Connect your current fax machine to the PBX. Netcom PBX guarantees the delivery of the Fax with integrated Phase Lock Loop (PLL) technology. VoIP faxing is supported as a best effort service.
Fax to Email Built-in Fax-to-Email engine converts inbound faxes to PDF documents and sends them to a pre-determined email address, whether the source be the company’s main fax number destined for the receptionist, or configured based on DID for employees who require their own individual fax number. Fax software for sending faxes from your computer is also available.
Find Me – Follow Me Not working at your desk today? Out of town? Working from home? Your customers will never know. Simply login to the user interface and the system will look for you at up to four different phone numbers or extensions and then send the voicemail back to your original voicemail box.
Hot Dial (a.k.a. Ring Down Phone) When the handset is lifted on an analog or IP Telephone it will automatically ring a pre-determined extension or outside number. This feature is commonly used in hotels, elevators and airport terminals. The dial pad can be disabled for this application.
Inbound Call Description Place a label or description on the inbound call in order to identify the type of call being received.
Interactive Directory Listing Allows inbound callers to lookup a person’s extension by their name.
Least Cost Routing (LCR, a.k.a. Outbound Dial Map) he complete outbound dial map allows you to prioritize how local, long distance, international and 911 calls are routed. For example, you may want to use the standard telephone lines for local calls and when those are unavailable, move to another provider. Or you may want to route your long distance or international calls through a specific provider.
Local and Remote Call Agents Staff can log onto the PBX from any phone using a login ID, allowing them to make and take calls as if they were in their office.
Multiple Music on Hold For each department, group or company using the PBX you can create an Extension Group and assign each group custom Music On Hold.
Music on Hold No external device is required. Securus Telecomm IP-PBX comes standard with a varied selection of message on hold and music tracks.
Music on Transfer Plays music when transferring calls between extensions.
OSLEC (Open Source Line Echo Cancellation) Supported
Outbound Dial Map (a.k.a. Least Cost Routing) Supported
Paging (Integrated) Page any phone or all phones on the phone system by dialing a paging code.
Paging (Overhead) Integrate with your existing overhead paging system using the Netcom PBX PA connector.
Privacy Manager If a remote caller ID is blocked against automatic display, the Privacy Manager prompts the caller to manually enter their phone number, which is then checked against a blacklist or whitelist. The call will then be blocked or permitted as appropriate.
PSTN or Digital Failover Augment your VoIP strategy with a failover solution. The administrator can easily set outbound dial maps that will automatically allow your E1/T1 PRI or analog lines to take over in the case that your Internet connection or VoIP provider is down.
Remote Call Pickup Calls can be picked up at a remote location.
Remote Office Support Connect phones located in a remote office to the office PBX as local extensions.
Remote Phones There is no limit to the amount of Remote Phones you can set up and no toll charges for extension-to-extension calls, anywhere you have a high speed Internet Connection, so take your IP phone with you when you travel.
Remote Linked Servers Easily link two or more offices together enabling extensions to dial each other as though they were in the next room on the same network (using 3- or 4-digit extension numbers). All traffic is routed over the Internet via IAX or/and SIP protocol.
Ring Down Phone (a.k.a. Hot Dial) Supported
Ring Groups Supported – Unlimited
Roaming Extensions Individuals are given an extension number rather than phones having an extension. A person logs into the phone in the morning (using a PIN) and all calls to their extension are then routed through to that phone. Single sign-in is also available, so that logging into Windows will also log you into the phone next to the computer.
Route by Caller ID Connect a call to a given extension, call queue, or group of extensions based on the caller’s phone number.
Skills-Based Routing Minimize customer hold time by sending the caller to the agent that is properly trained to handle their query. Transfer callers who require specific handling in a certain area, such as technical support or sales, directly to those agents. Keep the callers in queue if all agents are busy and provide choices to go to another group, supervisor or even have the system call them back.
Speed Dial Numbers Creates a speed dial code so that when any phone on the system dials this code, the phone number that you have programmed is automatically dialed.
System Diagnostics Provides the administrator with a snapshot view of vitally important system status and usage information.
Talk Detection Detects when a person is talking. Useful for detection of answering machines.
Three-Way Calling Connects three people into a mini conference call.
Time and Date Announces the time and date to the caller.
Time of Day Routing Route incoming calls to a separate auto attendant or call routing rule during off hours (nights, weekends, holidays).
Transcoding Conversion between the different voice compression methods.
Trunking Connection to PSTN, ITSP or other PBXs via analog or digital lines or via SIP or IAX2 VoIP communication channels.
Unified Messaging Define a single DID number to:
a) Receive a Fax that can be sent to you as a PDF document via email
b) Locate you at the phone number of your choice
c) Leave you a Voicemail message that can be sent to you as a .wav file to your favorite email client.In addition, you can have a dedicated Fax DID number and a separate DID number to receive voice calls to provide the same functionality at no additional cost.
User Interface Every user is provided a unique Web portal interface to manage specific functions relative to their call preferences. Find Me/Follow Me, Unified Messaging, Call Recording, Voicemail .wav files, and personal call history logs. Supports different languages.
Voicemail Blast Groups Distribute a single voicemail message to multiple extensions by creating a group of voicemail boxes from any group of extensions on the phone system.
Voicemail Boxes (Unlimited) Voicemail boxes are automatically set up for a user when an extension is created. In addition, you can create a voicemail box without attaching an endpoint to the extension.
Voicemail Bypass The receptionist on the Netcom PBX can transfer the outside caller directly to the voicemail box without forcing him to wait while the extension is rung, saving the outside caller time and frustration.
Voicemail Callback Caller ID information of the person leaving a voicemail is recorded, allowing the user to choose to call the person back directly from the voicemail box. This comes in very handy when retrieving messages from your cell phone as you can return the call and the person you are calling receives the caller ID of your office extension, and not your cell phone.
Voicemail Web Access Access voicemail messages through the Web-based user interface, both from within the office or outside the office.
Voicemail to E-mail Sends voicemail messages as .wav files to the email client of your choosing.
Voicemail Notification via SMS Sends an SMS message to your cell phone to notify you that you have a new voicemail message in your Netcom PBX mailbox. Details include caller ID, length of the message and the time and date that the message arrived. Note: Requires external SMS server, and development resources for integration.
Voicemail Call Out Program the voicemail system to Call Out to your cell phone when a voicemail message is left in your mailbox. Upon answering you can:

  • listen to the message
  • call back the party that left the message using a few keystrokes
VoIP Compression The bandwidth required for VoIP connections depends on the method used to transport it. The standard G.711(u) that ships with Netcom PBX is sufficient in most installations. This method uses 80 – 100Kbps per simultaneous phone call. The G.729(a) codec is an industry standard that supports placement of more calls in limited bandwidth to utilize IP voice in more cost effective ways. G.729(a) reduces the call to 25-40Kbps. This compression eliminates the need to replace or upgrade your Internet connection without sacrificing call quality. G.729(a) compression can be installed for a one time license fee of $100 per the number of simultaneous calls you wish to place. Contact your sales representative for more details.