Email Archiving Executive Summary

In today’s complex business, legal and regulatory environments, basic email archiving functionality is not enough and may end up costing an organization more than expected.

Office 365, POP/IMAP Mail, and Free/Generic Email does include several built-in general-purpose email archiving capabilities and some basic functionality, such as simple eDiscovery and high-level retention capabilities for regulatory compliance. However, for many, these simple capabilities may not be enough. For example, the search capability built into email presents several important limitations that many will find difficult to accept, especially for those trying to respond to discovery requests.

Key Takeaways

  • The legal, regulatory and business requirements for email archiving continue to grow and are becoming more complex.
  • The risks and costs associated with inadequate email archiving capability continue to rise.
  • In today’s legal and regulatory environments, a powerful and comprehensive search capability is a must. Known email search limitations pose additional risks and costs not found with more powerful third-party archiving solutions.
  • Many standard email archiving solutions only provide limited basic archiving capabilities, but do not meet the additional eDiscovery and regulatory requirements with which many organizations are faced.
  • Netcom Enterprises email archiving solutions were designed around solutions to meet the most stringent and complex email archiving requirements.

Where Most Email Still Falls Short
See the specific limitations and their potential business implications:

  • General Usability Issues
  • Storage Management
  • Lack of Granularity in Retention / Disposition
  • Archive Mailbox Issues
  • Defensible Disposition
  • Productivity/Search
  • eDiscovery
  • eDiscovery Search and Indexing
  • Protection of Archived Content
  • Longevity of Archived Email


Netcom Enterprises Cloud Email Solutions with Archiving Addresses All Of Today’s Business Email Needs In A Simple Cost Effective Platform

4 Signs Your Website is Doing A-Ok

It’s easy for website owners and those who manage digital presences to get wrapped up in what their site does not have. This is because if they can imagine a bell or whistle, there’s a big chance the ‘Net offers it or there is someone who can implement it.

The digital grass is, of course, greener on other sites, but there is reason to believe that your Web design is A-OK (and likely better than you think). Let us explore four reasons why.


Anyone worth their virtual salt understands consumers’ propensity toward navigating the Web on their smartphones, which is why they have ensured their site renders properly regardless of the device in which a user is accessing it on. Whether the site offer responsive or adaptive design or an site, if it passes Google’s mobile-friendly test, it’s doing alright. Could it do better? Maybe, but the point is, sites that pass Google’s mobile-friendly test are not only ahead of the curve (remember more than half of businesses still do not have websites at all), but they are also in the good graces of Google (at least in regard to this requirement), which as of April 21, 2015 will be expanding its usage of mobile-friendly factors in its search algorithm. In other words, businesses without mobile-friendly websites will not remain competitive in Google’s search engine result pages, as they will not receive a mobile-friendly label, which will result in SEO repercussions. If there’s no other digital improvement made this year, let it be getting a mobile-friendly website immediately.


Whether a first-time website visitor arrived on a site from an ad or a search result, there’s a significant chance that they are very unfamiliar with what the company offers. They may have a slim idea as to what it does, but brands have to sell themselves – and very, very quickly. In fact, a recent Monetate E-Commerce Quarterly report indicates that it’s within the first minute of an online shopping session that brands lose 30 percent of their site visitors.

Letting users know what a website offers in about 5 seconds isn’t easy. Not only does the website need to have strong, clear copy, but the design cannot distract from the message. Five-Second Test is an online user-testing tool where businesses can upload a screenshot of a landing page or a mockup, set questions they want to have answered and get user feedback. By completing tests for other companies, businesses can earn free responses for their own tests, otherwise plans range from $20-$200 a month. Anyone can head over to to provide feedback for other websites, which can be a learning process all in itself (as they see sites from a user’s perspective). Check out this example test (to zoom in, click on the images):


Today’s website visitors want a website to load in less than 2-3 seconds, yet today’s top e-commerce pages do not meet these expectations. In fact, according to 2015 data from Radware, the median time to interact for a top 100 retail site is 5.2 seconds. Radware also reports only 14 percent of the top 10 retail sites rendered feature content in less than 3 seconds. Page size and complexity certainly contribute to these less-than-ideal load times, as do un-optimized images. As with almost anything, its top brands that set users’ expectations. This isn’t to say companies should give up on decreasing their Web pages’ load time (as long load times can lead to higher bounce rates, less conversions and even a hit on SEO efforts), but if they are loading in less time than top retail sites, they are doing better than they think. To test load time, check out Google’s PageSpeed Insights or pingdom’s Website Speed Test. Keep in mind, however, that top brands do have the benefit of the doubt, as consumers have background information on them.


Just like user reviews provide consumers and business buyers with more (and often seen as better) information to use in purchasing decisions, so too do client lists, security seals, testimonials, etc. Brands who let website visitors see these types of social proof at a quick glance are poised for higher conversions, as they are more deemed more trustworthy than what a brand says they have to offer (although it’s important to share that too)., for example, provides highlights of its clients list directly on its homepage, adding instant credibility to its services.

Adding client lists, testimonials and more definitely requires a designer’s eye and experience to ensure they add to the message and not just clutter a Web page. Another worthy example is Zendesk, demonstraing (again on its homepage) that more than 45,000 businesses trust it for their customer service needs.

There are certainly dozens of other elements that can indicate to a company that their Web design may be better than they think it is, but those who have mastered these four points are certainly well on their way to digital success. Of course mediocrity is never acceptable, but it’s important to remind ourselves that if we care enough to worry and are doing our best to improve our site’s design, we’re doing A-OK!

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Mini PC—Intel® NUC Kit NUC5i7RYH – Shipping in April

intel.web.480.270Product Overview

Equipped with a 5th generation Intel® Core™ i7-5557U processor, NUC5i7RYH is the highest performing Intel® NUC ever. Iris™ graphics 6100 delivers amazing multimedia experiences and makes NUC5i7RYH perfect for immersive gaming. A replaceable lidprovides plenty of options to extend system capabilities or add personal style. Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.01 delivers performance that adapts to your needs. Add a 2.5-inch HDD or an M.2 SSD for more storage. Complete with Wi-Fi* 802.11ac wireless, Bluetooth*, and 7.1 surround sound, NUC5i7RYH is ideal for home theater PCs, media server PCs, and home hubs.

Here are the specs for i7 NUC.

Notice of Enhancements to McAfee SaaS Solutions

To increase the overall security, usability and functionality of our cloud-based security services, Intel Security has implemented several enhancements to McAfee® SaaS Email Protection and Continuity, McAfee® SaaS Email Archiving, and McAfee® SaaS Web Protection effective Monday, March 23rd.

The major enhancements include:

McAfee SaaS Email Protection

  • Updated Email Anti-Virus Engines: As part of our ongoing commitment to provide industry-leading malware protection, our “Triple AV” capability is now a standard feature of the service.

Triple AV includes:

  • McAfee AV
  • McAfee WormTraq 0-day engine
  • Industry-leading 3rd party AV engine

Please note that no action is required and AV scanning is enabled by default.

  • New Spam Classification Option for Inbound Filtering: “Enable spam flood prevention” has been added to policy options, improving effectiveness against high-volume, short-lived spam campaigns. This option is now enabled by default in all inbound policies for both new and existing customers
  • Spam Detection Improvements: Ongoing improvements to the spam detection capabilities of the service are being updated on a continual basis.

McAfee SaaS Email Archiving

  • Updated Outlook Add-in for Email Archiving: A new version of the Email Archiving Outlook Add-in has been released.

McAfee SaaS Web Protection

  • McAfee Client Proxy (MCP) Secret Key Management: To provide administrators with the flexibility to reset their “secret key” used for MCP deployment, we have added an option to reset this key in the SaaS Control Console. With this option, downtime can be minimized when moving to hybrid deployment if the original secret key has been lost.
  • Mac OS X End User Flexibility for MCP:  End-users with MCP on Mac OS X devices can request a temporary bypass key for web filtering. This requires deployment of MCP to OS X devices via McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO). Temporary bypass keys are not available for Windows users.
  • New Fields in Audit Trail Reporting: The Audit Trail reporting option within the SaaS Control Console for Web Protection now includes log policy changes, MCP policy changes, and MCP secret key resets.
  • Removal of MCP User Identification Utility: the legacy MCP User Identification Utility has been removed from the SaaS Control Console.  The functionality provided by the utility has been replaced by both the Directory Services Connector capabilities and the ability of MCP itself to provide live group membership details.
  • Removal of WDS Connector link: The WDS Connector is no longer available for download from the Control Console. While existing deployments using the WDS connector will still remain functional, administrators are advised to use McAfee Client Proxy or IP Authentication in its place.

Discussions surrounding this release or other product related topics can be found on the McAfee Product Communities for SaaS Email Security and SaaS Web Security.

Acer Ultrabook U14: A Versatile Hybrid notebook with Windows 7 at an SMB Price!

acer ultrabook

Even with hybrid functionality, Acer hits the price sweet spot for small businesses.

Acer focuses on the Intel i5 CPU power with 8GB RAM, in a flexible portable package with SSD (Solid State Drives).

This configuration provides exceptional performance and battery life.


Prices starting at $1199 robustly configured with 2 year manufacturer warranty!


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If you’re new to Office 2013, you can download any of our free Quick Start Guides. These printable guides contain useful tips, shortcuts, and screenshots to help you find your way around.

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Security’s changing role leaves consumers personal information open to fraud, theft, and data breaches.

Security’s changing role leaves consumers personal information open to fraud, theft, and data breaches.

You can rely on Netcom Enterprises to help deliver peace of mind.

Security has always been critical to the retail environment, but it’s even more imperative with the proliferation of digital technologies and connected devices.

To meet today’s security challenges, everyone must protect themselves and their businesses against fraud, theft, and hacking on a much larger scale: the store level, the device level, and the data level.

  • Netcom provides systems that utilize new and existing security cameras to improve merchandising effectiveness and optimize store layouts.
  • Netcom provides solutions that integrate various vendors such as Intel®, Microsoft, McAfee, SonicWall and Vipre technologies to safeguard all data from malicious attacks and unauthorized access.
  • Netcom provides solutions that monitor a wide range of threats while delivering business intelligence, ultimately benefitting consumers, marketing efforts, and brand integrity.

Contact Netcom Enterprises to learn more about solutions in today’s growing security industry and for inspiration about how best to take advantage of these new opportunities.