5 Reasons Why IT Outsourcing and Cloud Services Works Best for Business

IT outsourcing – Security. Support. Expertise. Strategy.

Information Technology (IT) is a major support function for any business. Companies that invest in outsourced IT
services achieve significant benefits that help them operate more efficiently and effectively.

1. Reduced Spending with IT Outsourcing, Colocation and Cloud Storage
The main driver of IT outsourcing for many companies is reduced spending. It doesn’t take much to realize these
savings. Both capital and operating expenses can be reduced. You do not need to purchase computer hardware
and dedicate expensive square footage to develop a data center. You do not have the expenses of hiring
employees to perform IT functions such as application development to hardware installations to end user support
can be outsourced. Along with reduced payroll comes reduced expenses for training and benefits. Outsourcing
also makes costs predictable, with contracts specifying fixed monthly charges.

2. Increased Focus on Core Business
For most companies, IT is a support function, not a core competency. Outsourced IT services offer 24/7 support
and guaranteed service level agreements that go beyond what your internal operations team could provide,
letting you get more work done with fewer operational issues.

3. Access to Experts and the Latest Technology

Because IT is the vendor’s core competency, they make sure their employees are trained and certified in the
technologies they support. The IT services vendor has a team of experts in multiple IT technologies; you can
draw on the vendor’s team for advice that helps you make the right technology decisions. You get access to the
latest technology and support from a team that is expert in deploying it effectively. The IT provider will make
sure systems are patched and upgraded on an appropriate schedule.

4. Reduced Risk and Increased Flexibility

Technology is expensive, and making wrong decisions is costly. An IT services provider has a solid base of
experience that assists with making the right technical decisions. Outsourced IT services reduce the risk of data
loss. IT outsourcing providers ensure that data centers have appropriate defenses, such as firewalls and security
information and event monitoring software. IT services also reduces the risk of disruption from downtime.
Vendors build resilient facilities with redundant devices, minimizing the risk of downtime with robust backup and
recovery procedures reducing the all risks in the event of a device failure. IT services provider can rapidly bring
additional services and storage online.

5. Increased Employee Morale

Poorly implemented outsourcing can lead to unhappy employees who worry about the security of their own jobs,
but handled properly, outsourcing can actually increase your employees’ morale. Offloading IT work lets your
employees focus on the jobs they were hired to do and not venture into tasks they are not an expert at, thus
they become more satisfied with their work and less likely to burn out and leave.
Managed properly, working with outsourced IT services frees a business to focus on
developing itself. Always get
local references and be sure to perform the due diligence of follow up. Always be sure to have scheduled “state
of the union” meetings to keep all aspects of your agreement on track with reports and forecasts.

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