Meet the Team

Jeff Gray
CEO Netcom Enterprises

My goal is to continue to grow my planted roots of the ever-changing strategic high level technical company that I founded in 1999. The hands on work ethic, management skills and sales experience that I possess will continue to capitalize on my network, hardware, and telecommunications skills. This, bundled with my exceptional people skills and relationship building experiences will continue to bring profitability to the corporation.  Clustering my true honesty, integrity and workaholic attitude with my business development, marketing, analytical and leadership skills will prove that the American dream of a successful small business is achievable – All of which could not be done with the trust of my loyal employees.

Veronica Belshaw

Aloha!  My name is Veronica Belshaw, I oversee the general operation of all of our websites and web development.  I have also been very active in developing the long-term strategy for building out all of our web, social media and digital engagement platforms.

My education allows me to possess a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, with a concentration in Web Development where I graduated with highest honors.  My personal time is focused on bettering my technology skills, riding my Harley, singing, playing guitar, and learning about sustainability.

My foremost hobby and passion is web technology, and I am here to assist you with achieving a world-class web presence and reputation.

Tanya Yamanaka Aynessazian
Director of Sales

My goal is to provide you with the best products and IT experience possible. My proficiencies include:

Business Acumen

Communication Proficiency

Customer/Client Focus


Presentation Skills

Problem Solving/Analysis

Results Driven

Strategic Thinking

Contact us to see how we can reduce your costs and improve your overall information technology workflow.


Chris Febo
Tech Services

Aloha!  My name is Chris, my educational background is in computer science.  I possess many artistic aptitudes and a can-do attitude.  I enjoy working with all things technical and my customers always appreciate my calm demeanor.  Working at Netcom Enterprises gives me the opportunity to deepen my technical knowledge and further my career goals.

Travis Griggs
Tech Services

A driven, ambitious, dedicated, and always learning technology professional with over 15 years of experience working in customer-facing environments ranging in size from 5 to thousands of employees…

While my familiarity with technology covers a wide categorical variety, I am most familiar with, and passionate about, making the user experience as simple as possible. I aim to provide secure solutions that outperform the average deployment. To truly understand technology, I believe you have to understand how it works; not just in the functional sense, but deep into its core. After all, how can you expect to fix a problem if you do not understand why it’s happening in the first place?

I have endeavored in my career to not being satisfied simply with how systems should be configured but also, and more importantly, why they should be configured that way.  Additionally, my experience in the installation of the physical infrastructure upon which these systems reside, give me a leg up over many of my peers.

Through complementary education and experience, I have captured a better understanding of what software is doing on an execution level, which has served me well in troubleshooting. This marriage of education and experience has also provided me with the right tools needed to provide simple solutions to complex procedures.

David Seber
Tech Services

I bring experience and professionalism to your IT department. I have a knack for finding creative solutions to problems and getting things running smoothly. I can make your computers work for you instead of the other way around.


Jim Aldridge
Construction Services

72-75 Army “Wireman”

76-99 Cable TV Industry (entry level to middle management)

00-06 Fiber, Copper, & Coax Cabling construction

07-11 Satellite TV installation

11-15 Telecommunications wiring

Dylan Aldridge
Construction Services

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